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The Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) is a major research unit within the Faculty of Computing and Engineering in the University of Ulster, located at the Magee campus in the north west of Ireland.

The ISRC is dedicated to the creation of intelligent computational systems, taking inspiration from, and learning from, biology and neuroscience. The work of the Centre is directed at achieving a greater understanding of how signals and senses are processed in biological systems, and the translation of critical aspects of that knowledge into computational entities that can perform in a way that humans would consider “intelligent”. It seeks to research and create systems that are capable of learning, evolving, adapting, self-organising and communicating effectively with humans and other machines. Through its Computational Neuroscience team, it also contributes to the achievement of a greater understanding of information processing in the healthy and unhealthy brain, with a specific focus on major depressive disorder (MDD) and Alzheimer’s Disease. The Centre pursues research in brain signal processing, learning and reasoning, sensory perception, cognition, cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience, neuroimaging, and brain-computer interfacing.
Contact: Professor Martin McGinnity
Tel: +44-28-71675417
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´╗┐Martin McGinnity & team Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (UU.ISRC) Derry United Kingdom
John Wade Research Associate Londonderry United Kingdom