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Name Position Suburb Country
Gabriele Ballero & team Head of the Projects Office (IIT.PO) Genoa Italy
Axel Blau & team Team Leader at the Dept. of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies / Neurotechnologies (IIT.NBT) Genoa Italy
Martin McGinnity & team Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (UU.ISRC) Derry United Kingdom
Fearghal Morgan & team Head of the Bio-Inspired Electronics and Reconfigurable Computing Group (NUI.BIRC) Galway Ireland
Gorka Epelde Unanue Senior Researcher San Sebastián Spain
Carlo Liberale Team Leader at the Nanostructures Unit (IIT.NAST) Genoa Italy
Alexey Petrushin Postdoctoral Scholar Genoa Italien
Lorenzo Ferrara Postdoctoral Scholar Genoa Italy
Giulia Campodonico Administrative Assistant Genoa Italy
Pedro Machado Research Associate and PhD Student (PT) Nottingham United Kingdom
Martin McGinnity & team Dean of Science and Technology Nottingham United Kingdom
Kofi Appiah Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Nottingham United Kingdom
Frank Callaly Researcher Galway Ireland
Finn Krewer PhD student Galway Ireland
Aedan Coffey Research Associate Galway Ireland
Brian Mc Ginley Postdoctoral Scholar Galway Ireland
John Wade Research Associate Londonderry United Kingdom
Andoni Mujika PhD student San Sebastián Spain
Peter Leškovský Senior Researcher San Sebastián Spain
Roberto Álvarez Sánchez Associate Researcher San Sebastián Spain