Vicomtech-IK4 (Visual Interaction and Communication Technologies Centre) is an applied research centre for Interactive Computer Graphics and Multimedia located in the Technology Park of San Sebastiàn (Spain).

Vicomtech-IK4 is a member of the IK4 Technological Alliance, which is composed of 9 leading Basque technological centres. This alliance is one of the most important of its kind. In the same way, Vicomtech-IK4 also belongs to the international investigation, composed of different international prestigious applied investigation centres. All of these members work on Computer Graphics and Multimedia technologies, which gives the net an internationally active and strategic profile to its investigation activity.

The eHealth & Biomedical Applications Department of Vicomtech-IK4 carries out research and development in computer-assisted technologies for the healthcare and biotechnology industry. Our main research activities include image analysis, advanced interface and biomedical information management.

The eHealth & Biomedical Applications Department is divided into 5 main areas:

  • Biomedical Image Analysis: processing methods for registration, automation, characterization and quantification of structures of interest. We process any modality of images, micro- as well as macroscopic, anatomical and functional (MR, CT, SPECT, PET, etc..).
  • Visual Analytics and Data Mining: management, exploitation and visualization of large amounts of data generated by the biomedical community, in order to develop decision and knowledge discovery support systems.
  • Advanced Interface and Usability: design of ergonomics of new user interfaces for clinicians and biologists, using advanced visualization and multimodal interaction technologies, including stereoscopic images, tracking, haptic devices, touch-based and natural user interfaces.
  • Simulation and Training: simulation technology aims to reproduce real clinical conditions for healthcare professional skills training and assessment, physiological and physical based modelling, virtual and augmented reality, high performance rendering.
  • Telemedicine and eHealth: development of IT solutions for developing closed-loop systems based on multi-parametric monitoring, and personal health management systems.
Display #
Name Position Suburb Country
Gorka Epelde Unanue Senior Researcher San Sebastián Spain
Andoni Mujika PhD student San Sebastián Spain
Peter Leškovský Senior Researcher San Sebastián Spain
Roberto Álvarez Sánchez Associate Researcher San Sebastián Spain